25 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Seeing as we’re not likely to be seeing the sun until sometime next May, we need to make the most of being inside instead of wistfully looking out the window and hoping for a ray of sunshine. Or at least hoping for no rain.



1. Make cake

2. Have a spa day with friends

3. Have a girly night in with cocktails, pizza and chic flicks

4. Catch up on work or housework

5. Pamper yourself with a bubble bath and a glass of wine

6. Read a book

7. Organise your wardrobe (or floordrobe!)

8. Learn a new skill (musical instrument, crochet etc)

9. Work on one of your hobbies

10. Internet shop in your pajamas

11. Re-vamp your blog

12. Have a clothes customizing party

13. Have a clothes swap party. Bake some cupcakes, shake up some cocktails and get rid of some unwanted clothes

14. Catch up on your favourite TV show

15. Try a new workout video or exercise (I suggest skipping)

16. Plan an exotic holiday for the summer

17. Call or visit your family

18. Try a new hairstyle or different makeup. I recently perfected my winged eyeliner look!

19. Write a good old-fashioned letter to a friend

20. Christmas shop online to avoid the crowds

21. Give your home a new look by rearranging furniture, or making some homemade art for the walls

22. Try out new recipes until you find a new favourite

23. Clear out your makeup drawer. Do you really still need that bright yellow nail polish you bought when you were 15?

24. Learn about a new topic. Have you ever wondered how your TV works? No, me neither. But you know what I mean!

25. Play board games. We’ve all got them in the house getting dusty somewhere, so get some use out of them!


What do you enjoy doing on rainy days?


Fleeting Visit

It was my Grampa’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, so last weekend me and my mum went on a fleeting visit to Scotland to help the rest of the family celebrate. As the whole of England knows, we’re having a heat wave at the moment, so sitting in a car for 5 hours wasn’t the most pleasant experience, but the weather let us go on some lovely walks in the countryside and I managed to get a few photos of the celebrations.



Supply stop on the 5 hour trip to Scotland




Trip to the beach looking out over the Isle of Arran



Roses and peonies in my grandparent’s garden

20130707_141834The beautiful Piersland House Hotel



Ayrshire bacon and cheese salad


Salmon fillet with a cream sauce


Vanilla panna cotta with berry coulis


Dean Castle and Country Park





How did you guys spend your sunny weekend?

Lazy Sunday (A.K.A The Weekend With A lot Of Pizza)

So this weekend has been a bit frantic with travelling to Birmingham to see a concert with my boyfriend, travelling home for a party that was cancelled in the end, and the mountains of art coursework that have been weighing me down. Yet somehow this weekend I have managed to have 3 meals consisting entirely of take-away pizza, and judging by the leftovers from tonight, there is a fourth pizza meal for lunch tomorrow. Now, I adore pizza, probably more than most people (definitely¬†above average) but after this weekend I’m starting to feel grease oozing out of my pores. I think I’ll have to fill up of fruit and veg next week to counteract all this takeaway madness!





Even though I feel exhausted at the moment, I feel like I’ve achieved a lot this weekend. I started a new book, I even tidied my room which is impressive by anyone’s standards! And lets be honest, eating that much pizza is just darn incredible…

How have your weekends been? Has anyone done anything exciting?

Hello World!

I’m Elanor, a student from England who, after a long blogging hiatus, is returning to my blog to document some parts of my life.

I’m a fashion enthusiast and I love all types of fashion from haute couture to vintage and everything¬†in between. Aside from fashion I love reading, photography, food (especially food), fitness and art.

I hope to one day travel the world, bake the perfect cinnamon swirl, eat lots of burgers and find a pair of jeans with pockets large enough to fit essentials in (I think it’s a marketing ploy so women have to buy bags).