25 Things To Do On A Sunny Day

As we’re from England we’re not used to prolonged sunshine, so I thought it would be best to make a list of some of things to do to make the most of the sunny summer before it starts raining again and we’re all forced to stay inside for 3 months!


Lloret de Mar, Spain

  1. Take a day trip to the beach
  2. Invent a new cocktail or mocktail
  3. Go shopping for summery clothes
  4. Explore your hometown
  5. Practice your photography
  6. Make a delicious salad
  7. Go swimming to cool down
  8. Host a summery party
  9. Read a book in the park
  10. Go for a picnic
  11. Drink cocktails in the sun
  12. Have a BBQ
  13. Have a girls (or boys) night in
  14. Spend the whole day outside
  15. Climb a tree
  16. Build a fort
  17. Do some gardening
  18. Pick flowers to make a bouquet
  19. See if there are any outdoor cinemas near you
  20. Try a new restaurant
  21. Clean all your dirty clothes (it’s boring, but they really do dry faster in hot weather!)
  22. Bake (and eat) a cake/biscuits/cupcakes
  23. Customize your clothes
  24. Try a new sport
  25. And if you’re feeling adventurous, grab your friends and go on a spontaneous weekend trip!

What have you been doing to make the most of the sun?



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