So after a frantic weekend, I’ve finally handed in all of my art and textiles coursework! However, I’m moving out of my parent’s house soon so I have to start sorting out my hoard of clothes, books and craft materials. Trying to downsize the sheer amount of stuff that I own is going to be rather tricky… But I only have one week left in college before my summer holidays start, and what better way of celebrating than buying myself some presents?


These gold rings are so delicate and look very elegant


You can buy them from ASOS here


This jewelry box is a tiny present from my mum’s recent trip to Cyprus. It’s so small I can only use it to store my stud  earrings!

Image 4 of TFNC Fit And Flare Dress With Plunge V Neck

(Picture from ASOS)

This dress won’t be making it’s debut until my school prom at the end of June, so it’s currently hanging up in my room so I can stare at it lustfully…

*Sigh*… After a day of relaxation and procrastination it’s straight back into tidying, sorting, cleaning and exam revision. How is everyone else coping with this busy time of year?


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