The Woes Of An A-Level Student

So after a long hard day at college including an art exam and 3 hours of textiles, what is the most exciting thing that you could think to do to relax after such a stressful day? Reading a good new book? Having a long, soaky bath? Watching TV in your dressing gown? I’ll be the first to say it, they all sounds like heaven. Can you guess which of the above I plan on doing this evening? That’s right, none of them… *sigh*

It’s coursework all evening for me, so I thought I would take a well-deserved break and update you all and put some love into this blog πŸ™‚



Fashion coursework

drawing with dots

I hope you’re all having a more thrilling evening than I am (I don’t think it would be hard!)

However, I am very much looking forward to the weekend. It’s my friends 18th birthday, I’m going out for drinks with the boyfriend and I’m thinking of getting some new piercings.

Do any of you have exciting plans for the weekend?


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