Lazy Sunday (A.K.A The Weekend With A lot Of Pizza)

So this weekend has been a bit frantic with travelling to Birmingham to see a concert with my boyfriend, travelling home for a party that was cancelled in the end, and the mountains of art coursework that have been weighing me down. Yet somehow this weekend I have managed to have 3 meals consisting entirely of take-away pizza, and judging by the leftovers from tonight, there is a fourth pizza meal for lunch tomorrow. Now, I adore pizza, probably more than most people (definitely above average) but after this weekend I’m starting to feel grease oozing out of my pores. I think I’ll have to fill up of fruit and veg next week to counteract all this takeaway madness!





Even though I feel exhausted at the moment, I feel like I’ve achieved a lot this weekend. I started a new book, I even tidied my room which is impressive by anyone’s standards! And lets be honest, eating that much pizza is just darn incredible…

How have your weekends been? Has anyone done anything exciting?


6 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday (A.K.A The Weekend With A lot Of Pizza)

  1. lol ohmygosh i totally get it, you get so busy (or caught up in a drawing) that you forget to eat so you order your most reliable favorite fast food!
    Working retail, my weekends were filled with a lot of that but it’ll be nice to have my day off tomorrow!

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